Economic activities are those activities of people that determine how services like transport, storage, marketing, banking and insurance will be provided

Unemployment in India 2012

By unemployment the Economists mean a situation by which anyone is ready and willing to have the prevailing rate of wages, but he does not get work. In line with Prof. Pigon, “ A male is unemployed only when he or she is both without a job or otherwise employed and in addition wished to(…)

Planning in India 2012

The first attempt at systematic planning in India was made by Sh. M. Visvesvarya when he published in 1934, his book Planned Economy for India. Three years later, in 1973, the Indian National Congress set up the National Planning Committee (under the chairmanship of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru) which submitted its reports as late as 1948,(…)

Poverty In INDIA – 2012

Absolute Poverty of a person ensures that his income or consumption expenditure can be so meager that she live below the minimum subsistence level. As a result of his absolute poverty condition, he isn’t capable of maintain his health insurance and efficiency and, in reality he may be starving. Alternatively, Relative Poverty merely indicates the(…)