Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project

The “Sethusamudram Shipway” project proposes linking the Park Bay plus the Gulf of Mannar about the colonial of India by creating a shipping canal through Rameswaram Island, which may give you a continuous navigable sea route about the Indian Peninsula. The project involves digging a 44.9 nautical mile long channel. Following the canal is constructed,(…)

LORD CURZON (1899- 1905)

LORD CURZON (1899- 1905) Curzon did the following reforms in India 1)      Administrative Reforms 2)      Economic Reforms 3)      Foreign Policy 4)      Partition of Bengal ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS a)      Calcutta municipal corporation act 1899 : Rippon gave gift of local self-government to Indians but this gift became curse by the act of 1892 in this situation when(…)


  In this article we will discuss about the moderates (1885-1905) and Act of 1892. MODERATES (1885 – 1905) a)      Preface b)      Contribution c)       Achievement d)      Evaluation   PREFACE The first phase of congress leaders were called moderates because they opted the philosophy of p(3) i.e. petition, prayer and protest. There were two reasons behind(…)

Industries in India

Iron and steel Industries of India First Iron and steel plant on Modern line was started in 1830 at Porto Nova in Tamil Nadu but it closed down in 1866. The real beginning was made in 1907 when TISCO was set up at Jamshedpur. MAJOR STEEL COMPANIES OF INDIA Tata Iron and Steels Co. (TISCO)(…)

Irrigation and Power Projects in India

Here is the list of All the Irrigation and Power Projects in India working right now or planned to be started with all the details. Here are they are :- Bhakhra Nangal Project It is a joint venture project of the Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan government. “Bhakhra” and “Nangal” are the name of place on(…)

Energy Sources in India

NON – CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES Non-Conventional energy is abundant, renewable, pollution free and eco-friendly. It is the energy of the future. No wonder, non-conventional energy is the fast catching the imagination of the people in India. DNES – Department of Non-Conventional Energy Source (1982) Started renewable energy program in India. IREDA – Indian Renewable Energy(…)

Minerals Found in India

Here are the following minerals found in India with all their details like places of occurrences, ratio etc. COAL Coal is combustible, solid stratified rock of organic and mineral matter.–          Rani Ganj coal Field (W.B.) – Jharia and Chandrapura Coal Field (Jharkhand) – Bokaro and Giridih Coal Field (Jharkhand) – Jharkhand has the largest coal(…)


INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS Preface of Indian national congress Hypothesis of official conspiracy Hypothesis of safety valve   A) PREFACE Initial name Venue Objective President INITIAL NAME The initial name of congress was Indian national union but later on due to proposal of Dadabhai naraoji it got the name Indian national congress. The term congress means(…)

Drainage System and Rivers of India

DRAINAGE More than 90% of India’s total surface runoff falls in the Bay of Bengal and the rest into the Arabian sea. Generally the Indian rivers have their maximum flow in August/September. Only a small area in Rajasthan has internal drainage. Continuous circulation of water from land to atmosphere and back to land is called(…)

Lakes & Other Water Bodies in India – List

List of all the Lakes and Water Bodies with terms and meanings. Rakas – Origin of SatlujWular – Largest Fresh Water lake of IndiaDal – Enclosed fresh water lake in J&K freezed in winter and resort place.TSO Morai – Salt Water Lake formed due to lifting up to water sources (Tethys sea Uplifted)Loktak – Faulting(…)