Having a true companion in your life is a Blessing, which I pray everyone to get but not all people are that lucky. Please spend a lot of time in finding their true love, some are able to find it… and some still struggle. Those who get it, re-live their life to the fullest with that blessing but not everyone is not able to live forever it.

People lose their loved ones due to various reasons, which happen to become one of the saddest moments of their lives. But that is the way of life, sometimes you are so happy that you wish the day shouldn’t end and sometimes you are so sad that a single passing minute feels like a year. There are hard times and then there are happy memorable times, but having the one who stays and helps you in both these times (hard & happy) is the one in the presence of whom you are really blessed.

Last time I was struggling to get a job, it had been more than a year I passed my college and was living without a job. Being jobless in our society is a curse. That was the time when I used to get frustrated, angry and feel sorry for myself and ashamed of being me. Although I have the most supportive and awesome parents in the world which never taunted me or asked me that why am not getting a job but I was still able to see the tension in their eyes worrying about the future of their son.

In those tough times the only moment I used to feel happy was when I used to chat with my love… The one who has supported me throughout my tough time… Even uptill today. Everyday our chats ended up with my telling her that I am a failure in life and she should move on and her saying that it’s just a job, you already are a blogger…. you don’t need a job.. Screw the world… Focus on what you like. She always believed in me and told me that I will get a job… a good job and it’s just a matter of time. With these little motivations and happiness I used to get, I was able to sleep peacefully in those nights and wake up with energy to try again. After a little struggle of few months, I finally got a job in the year end with a good salary package (won’t reveal it: P) and one of the hurdles of my life got removed.

That was one of the toughest times of my life uptill now; the pressure… the shame… the sense of being a failure would have drowned me into unimaginable bad situations if I was not having the support and the company of my Blessing – the love of my life… Tishya. It’s not always what they say or what they advise… sometimes simply their presence means everything and gives you the courage & motivation to try again, getting pass through the tough time and looking forward for the good life ahead.

Speaking of looking forward to my good life ahead, as I have got the job now am looking to forward to the next step (which I suppose you all know what it is), so while planning for it last night I started searching for good rental accommodations to live in and came across www.housing.com where I found a good amount of listings filtered to my preferences of place, rent and size out of which I have shortlisted a few and will visit them this weekend.

I hope you guys soon get your blessing and get to feel what the power of being #together is!

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