In this world everything keeps on changing… Day changes to night, winters changes to summers, hot changes to cold and what not. People who don’t love change always live in fear… Fear of taking risks… fear of losing what they have… Guess what??? No matter how much they try they still lose… Change overcomes their life and then they feel sad, angry & frustrated about it.

If we already know that no matter how much we try things will not remain as they are today and will eventually change then why don’t we start accepting it and love whatever life has to throw at us ? Good Change signifies that we’re moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be. Changes don’t always seem to be good but they eventually turn out for our better only. Trust yourselves, take risks, and move ahead towards a new life.

I know saying is easy, getting ready for it seems tough. I have been through the same situation. After I cleared my high school I got admission in a good technical college which was 250 kms away from my home. With the wish of becoming a software engineer I joined the college but as I had never lived my life alone & going away from my parents to place so far for the first time was a big, challenging and a scary step to take. It gave me sleepless nights for a week with lots of questions in my mind like where I will live? How will I live? Will I get a good roommate or not? How will I live away from my parents? Will I get all the basic amenities like I get at home there or not? Etc. In this last week I read an article online which talked about The Change, how it is happening continuously throughout the world which cannot be stepped and how it is for the better. It motivated me to take the up challenge, take the risk of going alone and move ahead with my life which was the best decision I made for myself in my life.

I requested my parents to not to travel with me and insisted on going alone. I boarded the train alone, travelled 250 kms journey by myself (i travelled so far alone for the first time) and after reaching that city searched for a place to live, searched for a place to eat, moved into a flat. Kept my belongings safely and next day got ready & attended first day of my college.

Though it scares everyone to think and be ready about the change.. I too was scared but once I got ALL IN and dealt with it, I realized it was fun and was for my better only. It gave me courage to travel anywhere alone and a sense of freedom and success.

In that whole incident the most exhausting and difficult task was to find a place to stay after I reached the city. As technology has taken over the world with everything available online now you don’t need to search for a house, flat manually by going house by house to examine the accommodations yourself. has taken up the initiative to convert this search to digital form where you can search your requirement accommodation and rent it even before visiting the place. Their staff works day and night to provide this service and their hardwork can be seen in the video below. Do have a look at it and do take risks in your life, as Change is for your own Good. 🙂



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