Everyone have their own problems in life, everyone have their own goals to achieve. Everybody is tensed with the ongoing situations, everybody wants to do something more to make their loved ones happy.

Work, Money and love are what our life revolves around. People want to provide for their family, their loved ones so they work hard to fulfill the wishes of their friends & family. This was the basic idea of going to office and working every day, but looking at the current scenario people have indulged themselves into work & money so much that they have forgotten the real meaning of living. Working 9 hours a day, 6 days a week we hardly get time to spend a minutes or two with our family and the stress level due to increasing competition gulps even those few minutes which we get to spend with our families. With this fast pace life we have forgotten the real meaning of happiness and the question we need to ask ourselves is why we started all this in the first place?

This above mentioned practice leads to misery kills our hope and drains out the happiness from our life. Just stop for a moment – #lookup and see… the blue sky, the chirping of birds, the smile of your friends and family. Realize why you are here and how much you mean to them. Cherish your relationships and find a way to balance it all.

Even if you fail at something… its ok.. you still have people who love you… life moves on.. Move with it… start again by taking small steps towards your goal. I myself struggled to get a job for almost a year, got rejected at interviews and failed miserably but as soon as I used to reach home, I used to see my mom waiting for me… smiling and ready with the food to fill my stomach. She is most supportive I hve ever seen and never asked me how things went. She kept my hope alive with her smile and her wise words… and the day I got my first job, the happiness I saw on her face became one of the best memories of my life which filled me with immense happiness.

World is filled with positivity, you just need to look at it. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around – in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet’s face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away. Enter the optimism of this positive world with www.housing.com who believe in bringing optimism to the world. Break Free from your daily routine, take a breath and let the positivity of this world reach you! 🙂

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