Have you ever seen hollywood movies? I am sure you would have loved the background views of new york city, paris and other places shown in them and would love to vist them.if you get a chance. Do you know why we love those places so much? Its because we see the views which we have never seen India, the damn clean places complimented by thenawesome environment they have created for themselves. Like Greece, Rome and other counties India is rich too in culturak heritage with its marvelous monuments and everything still we are not able to create that environment for ourselves because of one and only one reason – we don’t love our cities as much as we love our homes.

We Indians do everything to clean our homes from sweeping to vaccum cleaners, putting garbage in dustbins and teaching our childrens the same too..do we do the same when we are outside our homes? trying to keep our surroundings clean, scolding our children if they litter around? The answer is no, we always blame our politicians and Municipality for not keeping the city clean but we never realize that municipality never throws garbage on streets, they clean it and its we who keeps on adding the garbage continously. Its we who need to change. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started the Swach Bharat Mission recently and its us who can bring the change.
Participating in this.mission doesn’t onoy means picking up litter and cleaning your surroundings from time to time, it also means being a responsible citizen and raising your voice against people & authorities who are not working responsibly. Our government provides these organisations a large some of money every for cleaniness purposes and manyatimes we see that these organisations dont work up to the required mark. One should realize that its ones hard earned money that is being collected in form taxes and being given to these authorities, be responsible and raise your voice against the wrong. Every citizen as the fundamental right to speak and that is a power, power of speech that we all should exercise…
Keeping this in mind strepsils has started a campaign with hashtag #AbMontuBolega , details of which are available on www.abmontubolega.com , visit the link and participate in their ongoing competitions and raise your voice. You can also join them on their twitter and facebook pages. This is your chance to be a part of something big, join it , tell your friends about it and be proud of it.

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