India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with a population of 1.2 Billion (as per census 2011), still we lack behind in lots of things which are often ignored by the people like cleanliness, safe water drinking facilities, women safety and sanitation facilities. 597 million people in our country still defecate out in the open mainly due to lack of sanitation facilities and lack of knowledge of how it harms their health and hygiene & results in feeble diseases of their loved ones.

The first step is to understand that defecating out in open harms only us. The urine and stool lying around in the open spreads bacteria and creates pollution which results in unhealthy environment & spreading of diseases for the people living in nearby areas.

Second step is to provide proper sanitation facilities to the people and motivate them to use it. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has initiated steps towards this and has allocated Rs. 100 crores in current economic budget to provide proper sanitation facilities in the rural areas. The Swach Bharat Abhiyaan aimr at keeping our city and villages clean and motivates people to take initiatives in keeping their surroundings clean & spread awareness on the same.

Many private companies have also come forward and have taken initiatives for building up of toilets and their maintenance for public use. Domex, HUL’s flagship brand has also come to the rescue and has decided to build toilets under the Domex Toilet Academy Programme. They have already brought the change in villages of Maharashtra & Orissa in last one year and aim at building 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas which face problem of open defecation. Domex is currently running a campaign #ToiletForBabli and you can help bring change in lives of millions of children by tweeting your views with hashtag #ToiletForBabli. You can also support the Domex Initiative by clicking on the “Contribute Tab” on . For every click you make Domex will contribute Rs. 5 on your behalf towards the cause eradicating open defecation. So go ahead and do a click for cleaner & safer India.

A cleaner India will not only keep us and our children healthy but will change the perspective in which the whole world sees us, which will result in increase in no. of tourists and foreign investors from all over the world, thus resulting in a boost to our economical growth.

Lets do our bit in contribution and move towards a cleaner India, a better INDIA.

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