In Public Administration today, one can witness a lot of wastages arising out of undue delay in decision-making, under utilisation of skills and inadequate use of resources (time, equipment, men, money, material and space). In order to reach the cherished goal of efficiency coupled with economy, it is necessary that the Government should initiate various methods to reduce the wastages that arise in the course of working the system. “Work Study” is one of the tools that enable Public Administration to review and modify its existing practices and reach the goal of efficiency.

Work Study is the application of detailed analysis of work to achieve higher productivity. Its objectives is to discover through systematic methods and a scientific approach simpler, easier, more effective and more economical ways of work activity. In other words “Work Study” comprises all systematic activities concerned with the investigation, recording, measurement and improvement of work.

Work Study assignments comprises of two main elements:

Method Study

According to the I. L. O. definition, Method Study is “the systematic recording, analysis and critical examination of existing and proposed way of doing work and development and application of easier and more productive methods”. Method study is undertaken to improve the ‘how’ of doing the work not only in individual operations but also in processes, procedures and systems. It is essentially concerned with finding better ways of doing things and it contributes to improved efficiency by getting rid of unnecessary work, avoidable delays and other forms of waste. This is achieved through improvement of procedures and systems, improvement of layout of work, place, design and equipment, economy in human effort and reduction of unnecessary fatigue, improvement in use of materials, machines and manpower and development of better working environment. Method Study basically comprises of three elements:

  1. Analysis of the practical situations to identify the problems.
  2. Critical examination of facts relating to the situation.
  3. Finding possible solutions.

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