e-Office is one of the Mission Mode Projects (MMP), under the National e- Governance Plan (NeGP). The NeGP as also the e-Office project has been approved by the Cabinet for implementation during the 11th Five Year The project is aimed at significantly improving the operational efficiency of Central Government Ministries and Departments through improvement in the workflow mechanisms and associated office procedure manuals. The ARPG is the nodal agency for implementing the project. “e-Office” or any less-paper initiative primarily involves workflow automation and knowledge management including document/records management, setting and controlling the workflow in the organization, work allocation and tracking, maintaining audit trails, performance benchmarking and generating operational MIS.

To begin with the project is proposed to be implemented in 3 pilot sites i.e., DAR&PG, Training Division of DoPT and e-Governance division of Department of Information Technology. The project is to be implemented through NIC.


Improvement in Efficiency (Responsiveness)

  1. Workflow Automation: AH the activities shall follow well defined workflow processes, most of which are automated and performed by the system through the use of generic customizable electronic file system;
  2. Automation of Routine Tasks: Routine tasks that do not require any decision by a user, can be automated and performed at regular interval of time by the system;
  3. Quick Access to Information: e-Office would provide a systematic approach to storage, retrieval, communication, integration and publication of information available in different formats such as documents, statistics etc.;
  4. System would be able to handle required volumes and types of files; and
  5. Speed of system response would be acceptable to users.

Improved Transparency

  1. Physical file would be converted to suitably redesigned e-files;
  2. Easy tracking of the status and location of a rile at any given point of time will curb delays and facilitate exception reporting; and
  3. The project would facilitate publication of information through appropriate websites.

Better accountability through monitoring of work and performance management

  1. Online availability of Performance Management System, dashboards, alerts etc, so that the work done at various levels can be monitored and assessed regularly; and
  2. Auto escalation in case of delays.

Confidentiality and security

  1. This is a pre-requisite of electronic handling of files of Government Ministries and Departments and the requisite security will be ensured under e-Office;
  2. Proper access control would be implemented;
  3. Highly secure technology would be deployed; and
  4. Security audit will be mandated.egovernance

Modern office environment

  1. Facelift of traditional offices will be taken up alongside.

Improved capacity and legal enablement of electronic office

  1. Capacity of staff to be built to operate in the e-Office environment; and
  2. Office procedures and other related guidelines will be modified in conjunction with the implementation of e-Office.



The Plan Scheme on Modernization of Government Offices was launched in the year 1987-88 with the objective of improving the work environment through functional layouts, creation of open offices, reduction of paper work by using modern aids, cost effective and space effective records management. It was envisaged to become a tool to increase efficiency and productivity of the workforce with better public service delivery and public satisfaction as the ultimate aims. The existing guidelines revised and issued in the year 2007 and enforced from the financial year 2007-2008 lay thrust on comprehensive arid integrated planning, modern work stations, uniformity in. the physical parameters and maintenance of the modernized units and also incorporated the provisions of General Financial Rules, 2005.



DARPG is entrusted with the responsibility of prescribing procedures for Secretariat work through the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (CSMOP). The overall aim of the CSMOP is to increase productivity in work and to provide for a responsive administration without altering their basic logic which would reflect the changing working environment through the corresponding evolution of the processes and procedures/guidelines. In the light of changes assured in by developments taking place in the working environment like role of Information Technology, Right to Information Act etc. and the recommendations given by Administrative Reforms Commission the review of CSMOP is under process with the aid of a Consultant.



The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances under the e-Office Mission Mode Project proposes to device an e-Manual to be adopted by the various Government of India offices in the information technology management. For the purpose National Institute for Smart Governance (NISG), Hyderabad has been engaged as Consultants.



DARPG and the Department of Information Technology and in association with one of the State Governments has been organizing the National Conference on e- Governance every year since 1997. This Conference provides a platform to the senior officers of the Government including IT Secretaries of State Governments, IT Managers of the Central Government, and Resource Persons, Experts, intellectuals from the industry and academic institutions etc. to discuss, exchange views and experiences relating to various e-governance initiatives.

Also every year, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances recognizes and promotes excellence in e-GOVERNANCE by awarding Government organization/institutions which have implemented e-Governance initiatives in an exemplary manner. National Awards for e-Governance in the following categories are:

  • Excellence in Government Process Re-engineering
  • Exemplary Horizontal Transfer of ICT based Best Practices
  • Outstanding Performance in Citizen-Centric Service Delivery
  • Innovative Usage of Technology in e-Governance
  • Exemplary Usage of ICT by PSUs
  • Best Government Website; and
  • Specific Sector Award: Focus sector for the current year Education


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