Here is the list of All the Irrigation and Power Projects in India working right now or planned to be started with all the details. Here are they are :-

Bhakhra Nangal Project

It is a joint venture project of the Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan government. “Bhakhra” and “Nangal” are the name of place on the bankside of river Sutlej where two big dams have been built. The Bhakhra dam is regarded as the highest straightway gravity dam in the world. The reservoir is known as “Govindsagar Lake”.

Indira Gandhi or Rajasthan Canal Project

It is one of the major irrigation Project built on the Sutlej, Beas and Ravi rivers of Rajasthan. The total length is 649 km and the distribution system is 700 km length. The entire Project is being executed in a two phase. Which takes off from Harike Barrage at the confluence of river beas and Sutlej. It has 170 km length in Punjab and Haryana, 189 km long in Rajasthan and 3000 km long distributaries. The “Loonkaransar – Bikarner lift Canal” which has a length of 152 km.

Kosi Project

This project comprises the building of a barrage near Hanuman Nagar in Nepal, a 270 km long flood embankment and kosi Power House which has the capacity of 20 MW on the eastern Kosi canal.

Hirakund Project

This project was undertaken in 1948 on the river Mahanadi in Orissa: it is the longest dam in the world. In the first stage, Hirakund Dam in Sambalpur has been constructed. It is 61 meter high and 4800 meter long.

Tungabhadra Projects

 It is a joint venture of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka Government which has been built on the river “Tungabhadra”. It comprises (1) the building of 92,441 meter long and 49.39 meter high dam on Tungabhadra River at Mallapuram in Bellary district of Karnataka. (2) The building of the canal of 227 km long with a power house. (3) the building of 349 km long canal with two power houses and (4) the building of a 196 km long high level canal on the right side.

Nagarjun Sagar

It has been built on the river Krishna near Nandikanda village, about 144 km from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. The Project comprises the building of 1450 meters long dam with 3415 meter long eastern flank. The left bank canal is 17 km long and the Right Bank Canal is 204 km long. It cover the districts of Khamman, West Godawari, Guntur, Kurnool and Nellore. It also envisages 6 power houses with 2 units of 50 MW each on the Nagarjun Sagar dam.

Chambal Project

It is Joint Venture project of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh government which has been built on the river Chambal. The project comprise a masonry gravity dam at the border of M.P. and Rajasthan and a barrage near Kota city along the right and left bank canals for the irrigation purpose. The Gandhisagar dam of 64 meter high and 514 metres long has been constructed near the Chaurigarh for on the Chambal River.

Damodar Valley Project

It is a Joint venture project of the West Bengal and Jharkhand government. The project chiefly constitutes a unified multipurpose river basin development of flood control, promotion and operation of irrigation Schemes, water supply and drainage and electric power generation and distribution transmission.

Tehri Dam Project

It is very controversial project and has been constructed on the Bhargirathi River and its tributary Milangaga, in Tehri district of Uttrancha. A dam of 260.5 metre long has been constructed under this project. The Ram Thirtha Sagar Reservoir of this dam has the capacity of storing 32.2 million cubic metres of water which may be spread upto 45 km from Bhagirathi valley and 25 km from Milanganga Ghat. It supply 500 cubic drinking water to Delhi.

Narmada Valley Project

It is a Joint Venture project of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Governments and is under construction in the Narmada River, if completed, it would be the World’s largest river valley Project. The project has been under controversy. Under this project two dams; “Indira Sagar” and “Sardar Sarovar” are proposed to be constructed. The Indira Sagar Dam is being constructed near Punasa in Nimar district. This very dam is known as the “Narmada Dam”.

Rihand Dam Project

This dam has been built on the river Rihand at M.P. – V.P. border near village Pipri in the Mirzapur district. Righand is the longest man-made lake in India. Its reservoir known as the “Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar” is spread over 466 sq km. It can hold 10,608 cubic meters of water. The Rihand dam is 934 meters long and 91 meters high.

Mahi Project

It is constructed on the Mahi river of Gujarat and the project is proposed to be completed in two stages: in the first stage, a masonry prick-up weir has been constructed at the Wanabari village. The second stage envisages the construction of a 1430 meter long and 58 meter high dam near Kadma.

Ghataprabha Valley Development Project

It is chiefly an irrigation Project of Bijapur and Belgaon district of Karnataka. It is aimed at harnessing the water of the Ghatabprabha river.

Dul Hasti Project

This project is situated on the river Chenab in Jammu & Kashmir and it is chiefly a power project. It has total power potentiality of 6,000 MW.

Jayakwadi Project

This project has been started on the river Godavari in Maharashtra. In the very stage of the Project, an earthen dam has been constructed while the second stage envisages the construction of canal across Sindphana Rivers.

Sardar Sarovar Project:

This project has been built on the Narmada River in Gujarat. It is a joint venture project of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Parambikulam Aliyar

It is a joint venture Project of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It consists the objective of harnessing the water of six rivers located in Annamalai Hills.

Farakka Project

It is in West Bengal and consists of a barrage at Jangipur across the river Bhagirathi. A feeder canal of 39 meters long has been constructed. Its chief purpose is to preserver and maintenance of Kolkatta port and improving the navigability of the river Hoogly.

Kangsabat Project: It has been constructed on the Kangsabati and Kumari rivers in West Bengal. Its main objective is to construct an earth dam.

Koyana Projects

This project has been built on the Koyna River of the Maharashtra. The total height of the newly constructed dam under this project is 250 meters.

Bargi Project

It is situated on the Bargi river of the Madhya Pradesh. IT is  a multipoupose project and targated to be completed within 10 years. The total irrigation potentiality of the project is 2.45 lakh hectares of land.

Perriyar Project

This project is chiefly aimed at the construction of 210 meters longs barrage on the river parriyar in Always district of Kerala.

Handsdev Bango Project

This project has been built on the river Hansdev in Madhya Pradesh. The project aimed at the construction of 85 meters high dam which will have the dual function of power generation and irrigation.

Ukai Project

It is situated on the river Tapti in Surat. The dam will be 4928 meter long and 68.6 meter high which will have the total irrigation potentiality of 1.53 lakh hectares of land and total hydra power potentiality of 300 MW.

Mata Teela Dam

It is also a Joint Venture dam at the Madhaya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh government which is situated at the Betwa river near Jhansi. The total irrigation capacity of its two canals is about 2.64 lakh hectares of land.

Malprabha Project

This project has been constructed on the Malprabha River, a tributary of Krishna in Karnataka. The total length of the dam in 154.6 meter and its height is 44 meters. It irrigates 2.13 lakh hectares of land in Belgaon district.

Thein Dam

This project has the total irrigation capacity of 3.48 lakh hectares and the power generation capacity of 480 MW. The total length of the Project is 147 meter.

Jakham Project

It has been built on the Jhakham River in the Chittorgarh district of the Rajasthan. It will facilitate irrigation in Udaipur and Chittorgarh district. It has the hydel Power Potentiality 4.5 MW.

Mahi Project

It is under constructiononf the Mahi river in Gujarat. In the very first phase, work is going on the for the irrigation of 1.81 lakh hectares of land in Kadano and Kaira district. Its second phase envisaged the irrigation facilities on 3 lakh hectares of land in the Panchmahal district.

Pench Projects

This project has been jointly launched by the Mahrasthra and Madhya Pradesh government. It envisaged the construction of two dams; one in Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh and other in Nagpur of Maharashtra.

Upper Krishna Project

It consists of the construction of two dams; one at Almati and other at Narainpur on the river Krishna in Karnataka. It has the total irrigation potentiality of 4.08 lakh.

Badh Project

The Madhya Project and Maharashtra govt. have jointly launched this project. Under this projects, the Sirpur and Pujari Tola dams have been constructed.

Subarnrekha Project

It is a Joint Venture project of Orissa and Bihar government which was started in 1977. IT envisaged the objective of constricting two dams, one at Guldhia and others at Chandil. IT has the total irrigation potentiality of 7.06 lakh.

Ken Project

This project is jointly runs by the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh government. It covers the Panna and chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Rajghat Project

This project has also been jointly launched by the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh govt. The total length of the constructed dam 562; 50 meters and its height is 43.8 meters.

Jawai Projects

It was constructed on the Jawai River of Rajasthan in 1956. Under the Project 22 km long canal has been built and the total irrigated area is 7,690 hectares which especially covers the district of Sirohi, Pali and Jodhpur.

Narora Atomic Projects:

Narora is the name of a place in Bulandseher or district of Uttar Pradesh where the project has been started. IT has the total Power generating capacity of 470 MW.

Curzon Project

This project has been constructed at Jeetgarh village in Gujarat, The project site river is known as “Curzah”.

Kol Projects

This project was jointly launched by Rajasthan and Himachal govt. in 1984. IT has the total hydro centricity generating capacity of 600 MW.

Singrauli Super Power Project

It is situated in Uttar Pradesh which has the total Power generating potentially of 1400 kw.

Ram-Ganga Project

It is also a joint venture project of Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh govt. It has the total irrigation potentiality of 6 lakh hectares of land in central and western U.P. It comprises the construction of 626 m long and 126 m high dam on the river Ramganga.

Parwati Project

This project chiefly aimed at the construction of a reservoir which has the drainage capacity of 795 sq km in Dholpur district of Rajasthan.

Upper- Penganga Project

It has been constructed on the Penganga River of the Maharashtra. Under it, two reservoirs have been constructed, one of the river Penganga and the others at the Riyadh rivers.


  • Kandla: India’s first tidal power plant a major port
  • Mandivi: Asia’s first pilot wind power plant.
  • Bhuj – Site of India’s first solar power plant.
  • Manikaran – Sites of Asia’s first Solar Power Plant.
  • Puga – Site of hydrothermal Power plant.
  • Kavarthi – Site of Asia’s firs OTEC Power Pant – desalinization Plant.
  • Vijinjham – Site of Asia’s first wave power plant.
  • Tiruchirappali – Site of Migneto Hydro – Dynamics power Plant.
  • Gandhi Nagar – Site of India’s first experimental laboratory for nuclear fusion.

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