Rice, Noodles and Seafood – #FarMoreSingapore

Singapore is one small country with variety of food cuisine. On my stay last month I got the chance to stay in one of the best places to visit for a foodie like me – Singapore, where people eat more than five times a day and you will hear every other person telling about a(…)

Hope, small steps and the Goal

Everyone have their own problems in life, everyone have their own goals to achieve. Everybody is tensed with the ongoing situations, everybody wants to do something more to make their loved ones happy. Work, Money and love are what our life revolves around. People want to provide for their family, their loved ones so they(…)

Take Risks – Move Ahead – #StartANewLife

In this world everything keeps on changing… Day changes to night, winters changes to summers, hot changes to cold and what not. People who don’t love change always live in fear… Fear of taking risks… fear of losing what they have… Guess what??? No matter how much they try they still lose… Change overcomes their(…)

We Walk… #Together

Having a true companion in your life is a Blessing, which I pray everyone to get but not all people are that lucky. Please spend a lot of time in finding their true love, some are able to find it… and some still struggle. Those who get it, re-live their life to the fullest with(…)

The power of voice to clean India

Have you ever seen hollywood movies? I am sure you would have loved the background views of new york city, paris and other places shown in them and would love to vist them.if you get a chance. Do you know why we love those places so much? Its because we see the views which we(…)

A Click for Cleaner & Safer India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with a population of 1.2 Billion (as per census 2011), still we lack behind in lots of things which are often ignored by the people like cleanliness, safe water drinking facilities, women safety and sanitation facilities. 597 million people in our country still defecate(…)

Mary Parker Follet

Mary Parker Follet occupies a prominent place in the community of thinkers on administrative thoughts though she is less known in comparison to other thinkers. She initiated studies on industrial groups. Traditionally the social and political scientists concentrated on the studies of the state or the society but her studies were concentrated on the industry.(…)

Civil Society Organizations in India and World

Civil Society Organizationss in India : Traditional development NGOs, who went into a village or a group of villages and ran literacy programs, encouraged farmers to experiment with new crops and livestock breeds that would bring more money, helped the weavers and other village artisans market their products and so on – in short became(…)


Change in Congress’ Stand- By the time Attlee made the declaration on February 20, 1946, which clearly hinted at the partition, the Congress barely uttered any protest. Infact, the Working Committee of the Congress at its meeting on March 8, 1946, it announced that the Constitution thus framed by the Constituent Assembly ‘would apply only(…)


It has been recognised world over that good governance is essential for sustainable development, both economic and social. The three essential aspects emphasised in good governance are transparency, accountability and responsiveness of the administration. “Citizens’ Charters” initiative is a response to the quest for solving the problems which a citizen encounters, day in and day(…)